Komatsu 6D105 Diesel Engine Service Repair Manual

Komatsu 6D105 Diesel Engine Service Repair Manual

Komatsu 6D105 Series Diesel Engine Service Repair Manual

This Factory Service Repair Manual offers all the service and repair information about Komatsu 6D105 Series Diesel Engine. The information on this manual covered everything you need to know when you want to repair or service Komatsu 6D105 Series Diesel Engine.

Komatsu 6D125 Diesel Engine Service Repair Manual

Manual Contents:

01 General
General View
Assembly Drawing
Weight Table
Performance Curve
11 Structure And Function
General Structure
Intake And Exhaust System
Intake And Exhaust System Chart
Engine Body
Cylinder Head
Main Circulation Part (1/3)
Main Circulation Part (2/3)
Main Circulation Part (3/3)
Lubricating System
Lubricating System Chart
Oil Pump
Regulator Valve
Oil Filter
Oil Cooler
Fuel System
Fuel System Chart
For Construction Equipment
For Generator
Fuel Injection Pump
Feed Pump
Fuel Injection Nozzle
Fuel Filter
Fuel Cut Solenoid
Cooling System
Cooling System Chart
Water Pump
Corrosion Resistor
Electrical System
Wiring Diagram
Starting Motor
Air Compressor
12 Testing And Adjusting
General Of Testing And Adjusting
Measuring Engine Speed
Cranking Method
Intake And Exhaust System
Checking Intake And Exhaust System
Adjusting Valve Clearance
Measuring Exhaust Color (Bosch Type)
Engine Body
Measuring Blowby
Measuring Compression Pressure
Cleaning Breather Element
Lubricating System
Checking Lubricating System
Replacement And Cleaning Of Lubricating System
Measuring Oil Consumption
Fuel System
Checking Fuel System
Replacement And Cleaning Of Components Of Fuel System
Checking Fuel Injection Pump
Checking And Adjustment Of Fuel Injection Nozzle
Testing And Adjusting Fuel Injection Timing
Adjusting Fuel Cut Solenoid (For Wa3001)
Calibration Data
Cooling System
Checking Cooling System
Replacement And Cleaning Of Components Of Cooling System
Checking Thermostat Function
Checking And Adjustment Of Vbelt Tension And Replacement Of Vbelt
Performance Test
Testing Method Of Performance
Runin Criteria
Performance Test Criteria
Testing And Adjusting Data
Testing And Adjusting Tool List
Method Of Reading Troubleshooting Table
Troubleshooting Table

Komatsu 6D105 Diesel Engine Service Repair Manual
Komatsu 6D105 Diesel Engine Service Repair Manual
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Komatsu 6D105 Diesel Engine Service Repair Manual

  1. Starting Defective Or Badness
  2. Engine Stopped During Operation
  3. Engine Runs Abnormally
  4. Fuel Consumption Too High
  5. Lack Of Power
  6. Exhaust Gas Is Black
  7. Exhaust Gas Is Blue
  8. Oil Consumption Too High
  9. Oil Level Rises
  10. Ol Quickly Becomes Dirty
  11. Engine Oil Pressure Gauge Indicator Fluctuates Abnormally
  12. Lack Of Oil Pressure
  13. Oil In Cooling System
  14. Water Temperature Does Not Rise
  15. Water Temperature Rises Excessively
  16. Too Much Vibration
  17. Abnormal Noise Emitted
  18. Excessive Wear Of Engine Parts
  19. Engine Does Not Start Because Of Fault In Electrical System
  20. Battery Does Not Charge
    13 Disassembly And Assembly
    Disassembly And Assembly Of Accessories
    Oil Pump
    Water Pump
    14 Maintenance Standard
    Intake And Exhaust System
    Engine Body
    Cylinder Head
    Valves And Valve Guides
    Rocker Arm Shaft, Pushrod And Tappet
    Cylinder Block
    Cylinder Liner
    Timing Gear
    Piston, Piston Ring, Piston Pin
    Connecting Rod
    Flywheel And Flywheel Housing
    Lubricating System
    Oil Pump
    Cooling System
    Water Pump, Thermostat

This Komatsu service Repair guide may be utilized by all of us from a primary time owner/newbie to a expert technician.Even the maximum beginner mechanic also can effortlessly observe the stepbystep publications that are made easy via way of means of the illustrations and drawings.Keep this guide accessible and use it often. Performing routine, preventive upkeep will prevent time & cash via way of means of assisting to save you untimely failure and pointless repairs.

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File Format: PDF
Compatible: All Versions of Windows & Mac
Language: English

Models Covered:

6D105-1C – EG75-2
6D105-1D – EG75S-2
6D105-1 – EG80-1
6D105-1 – EG805-1
6D105-1 – D40A,P-3 (Engine No. 10001-49999)
6D105-1 – D40A,P-3 (Engine No. 50001-)
6D105-1 – D41A,P-3 (Engine No. 10001-49999)
6D105-1 – D41A,P-3 (Engine No. 50001-)
6D105-1 – D41S, Q-3 (Engine No. 10001-49999)
6D105-1 – D41S, Q-3 (Engine No. 50001-)
6D105-1 – W70-2, W70-3

6D105-1 – GD405A-1
6D105-1 – PC150-1, PC150LC-1
6D105-1 – PC200-1
6D105-1 – PC200-2, PC200LC-2
6D105-1 – W60, W60-2
6D105-1 – WA200-1

S6D105-1E – W90-2, W90-3
S6D105-1 – WA300-1, WA320-1
S6D105-1B – EG100-2
560105-1C – EG100S-2
560105-1 – EG125-1 EG125S-1
S6D105-B-1 – PC200-3, PC200LC-3
S6D105-1 – PC220-1
S6D105-1 – PC220-2, PC220LC-2
S6D105-1 – PC220-3, PC220LC-3
S6D105-1 – GD500R-2, GD505A-2, GD505R-2

S6D105-1 – LW160-1 (Engine No. 50001 – . )
S6D105-1 – LW160-1, LW200-1, LW200L-1
S6D105-1 – EC170Z-1
S6D105-1 – EC170ZS-1
S6D105-1 – JV100A-1

S6D105-1 – GD611A-1
S6D105-1 – GD661A-1
S6D105-1 – GD521A-1, GD521R-1, GD523A-1

Komatsu 6D105 Diesel Engine Service Repair Manual