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If you are having download issues, especially with large files, we highly recommend using a download manager, which supports redirection.

We highly recommend FDM which can be downloaded from here.

FDM, is FREE, will speed up your download and help you resume them too, if you get disconnected for any unforeseen reason.

Download and install it.

Then simply drag and drop the “Start Download” button from your email or from your eManualOnine Account into FDM.

Thanks for contacting us and apologies for the trouble with your order!

Your product is in a compressed “ZIP” format to reduce download times.

Depending upon your machine, you can use one of the following unzip utilities to open it.

If you are downloading to a mobile device please download the utility before your file.

Free (PC) Zip files utility, free Rar files extractor
Open RAR TAR 7Z ZIP ZIPX file, 150+ formats supported

7zip (for Mac, PC or Linux) from here:

RAR for Mac:

For iPhone/iPad users:

For Android users:

Finally, please ensure that the download is complete before opening the file.