Doosan Diesel Engine DL06 Operation Manual

Doosan Diesel Engine DL06 Operation Manual

Doosan Diesel Engine DL06

Doosan Diesel Engine DL06, This maintenance manual is designed to serve as a reference for DOOSAN Infracore (here after DOOSAN’s) customers and distributors who wish to gain basic product knowledge on
DOOSAN ‘s DL06 Diesel engine.

This economical and high-performance diesel engine (6 cylinders, 4 strokes, in-line, direct
injection type) has been so designed and manufactured to be used for the overland transport
or industrial purpose. That meets all the requirements such as low noise, fuel economy, high
engine speed, and durability.

To maintain the engine in optimum condition and retain maximum performance for a long

In this manual, the following symbols are used to indicate the type of service operations to be

During engine maintenance, please observe following instructions to prevent environmental

  • Take old oil to an old oil disposal point only.
  • Ensure without fail that oil and diesel fuel will not get into the sea or rivers and
    canals or the ground.
  • Treat undiluted anti-corrosion agents, antifree*e agents, filter element and
    cartridges as special waste.
  • The regulations of the relevant local authorities are to be observed for the
    disposal of spent coolants and special waste.
    If you have any question or recommendation in connection with this manual, please do not
    hesitate to contact our head office, dealers or authori*ed service shops near by your location
    for any services.

For the last, the content of this maintenance instruction may be changed without notice for
some quality improvement.

Doosan Diesel Engine DL06 Operation Manual
Doosan Diesel Engine DL06 Operation Manual
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Doosan Diesel Engine DL06 Operation Manual


  1. Safety regulations & engine specifications
    1.1. Safety regulations 1
    1.2. Engine specifications 6
    1.3. Engine power 8
    1.4. Engine performance curve 9
    1.5. Engine assembly 14
  2. Technical information
    2.1. Engine model and serial number 19
    2.2. Diagnostic tool (SCAN-200) 20
    2.3. Engine character 20
    2.4. Diagnosis and remedy 44
    2.5. Engine inspection 54
  3. Maintenance
    3.1. Engine disassembly 56
    3.2. Measurement and inspection on major parts 72
    3.3. Reassembly 96
    3.4. Fuel injection system 122
    3.5. Electrical system 136
    3.6. Engine diagnostic 149
    3.7. Engine control unit (ECU) 155
  4. Commissioning and operation
    4.1. Preparations 159
    4.2. Operation of a new engine (Break-in) 159
    4.3. Inspections after Starting 161
    4.4. Operation in winter time 163
    4.5. Tuning the engine 165
    4.6. Maintenance and care 166
    4.7. Cooling system 169
  5. Maintenance of major components
    5.1. Cooling system 171
    5.2. Lubrication system 175
    5.3. Turbocharger 178
    5.4. Air cleaner 188
    5.5. Belt 190
  6. Special tool list 193

Doosan Diesel Engine DL06 Operation Manual