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Hitachi EX150 Operators Parts Pdf Manual Service

Hitachi EX150 Operators Parts Service Pdf Manual

This collection contains the following 4 manuals:
Hitachi EX150 service manual. This is the factory service manual. 938 pages. This includes the workshop information, specs, disassembly and assembly of the Isuzu 4BDIT engine.
Hitachi EX150 parts manual.312 pages. covers the machine.
Hitachi EX150-1 equipment component parts manual. 154 pages. covers hydraulic pumps, motors, valves and cylinders.
Hitachi EX150 operators manual. This is the factory manual, 148 pages.

Hitachi EX150 Workshop Service Repair Pdf Manual


Hitachi excavators have always been known as the “Cadillacs” when it comes to operator conve- nience. A dial-type fuel throttle is provided for control of engine speed according to job need. The tiltable control levers adjust to the operator’s build. The EX150 has available air condi- tioning and an available “Hot and Cool” box. The large capacity unit features front and rear rotatable louvers. Automotive-type controls blend hot and cold air to provide the perfect temperature.

Hitachi EX150 Operators Parts Parts Pdf Manual Service

The cab floats on six fluid- filled elastic mounts that smooth out shocks and jolts.The hand control levers can be raised or lowered to match the operator’s build, and the controls can either glide forward or back with the seat or remain fixed while the seat moves.
The work modes, power modes, air conditioning controls, and dial-type engine speed control are all located beside the operator.

Sitting in one place, all day, operating a machine productively takes concentration and dedication to doing a good job. It also means that a smart owner is going to do everything possible to make sure his operator is comfortable in the cab. The Hitachi EX150 is an excellent example of how comfortable a well-designed cab can be.The widest cab in its class: 3 ft. 4 in. Lots of leg room, wide side door. The ergonomically-designed seat is fully adjustable with tilting armrests, tilting back, floating or solidly fixed seat, headrest tilt, and seat raise/lower.

• The Normal mode is for normal or average applications. The engine runs at an efficient maximum speed for longest life and general economy.
The hydraulic pump runs at a baseline 100%.
• The H/P mode provides the full power of the EX150 on command.
This function increases engine rpm by 6% when activated, thus providing 4% more horsepower when needed – 103 hp (76 kW).

Hitachi EX150 Workshop Service Repair Pdf Manual
Hitachi EX150 Workshop Service Repair Pdf Manual
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