Kubota Bx1880 Bx2380 Bx2680 Tractor Operators Manual

Kubota Bx1880 Bx2380 Bx2680 Tractor Operators Manual

Kubota Bx1880 Bx2380 Bx2680 Tractor Operators Manual

This Is The Complete Operators Manual For The Kubota Bx1880, Bx2380, Bx2680 Tractor.

This Manual Describes Procedures For Operation, Handling, Lubrication, Maintenance, Checking, And Adjustment. It Will Help The Operator And Maintenance Personnel Realize Peak Performance Through Effective, Economical And Safe Machine Operation And Maintenance.

Kubota Bx1880 Bx2380 Bx2680 Rck60b-23bx Tractor mower Service Repair Manual

Models Covered:

Kubota Bx1880 Tractor
Kubota Bx2380 Tractor
Kubota Bx2680 Tractor

Operators Manual Contains:

Safe Operation
Servicing Of The Tractor
Dealer Service

  1. Warranty Of The Tractor
  2. Scrapping The Tractor And Its Procedure
    Specification Table
    Traveling Speeds Table
    Implement Limitations
    Implement Limitation Tables
    Front Loader
    Weight Of The Implements As The Rear Ballast
    Instrument Panel And Controls
    Instrument Panel, Switches, And Hand Controls
  3. Key Switch.
  4. Tilt Lever [Bx2380 And Bx2680]
    three. Head Light Switch
    four. Hazard Light Switch
    five. Turn Signal Light Switch
  5. Hood Open Lever
    Foot Controls And Hand Controls
  6. Operators Seat
  7. Seat Belt
    three. Brake Pedal And Parking Brake Lock Pedal
    three.1 How To Use The Parking Brake
    four. Range Gear Shift Lever (Hi-Lo)
    five. Front Wheel Drive Lever
  8. Hand Accelerator Lever
  9. Speed Control Pedal
  10. Speed Set Device [Bx2380 And Bx2680]
    8.1 How To Use The Speed Set Device [Bx2380 And Bx2680]
  11. 12 V Electric Outlet
  12. Accessory Box
    three. Operators Manual Holder [Bx1880]
    four. Glove Box [Bx2380 And Bx2680]
    Pre-Operation Check
    Daily Check Items Before Operation Of The Tractor
    Operating The Engine
    Starting The Engine
  13. Cold Weather Starting Of The Engine
  14. Block Heater (Option)
    Stopping The Engine
    Warming Up Of The Engine
  15. Warm-Up Of The Engine And Transmission Oil In The Low Temperature Range
    Jump Starting The Engine
    Operating The Tractor
    Operating New Tractor
    Getting On And Off The Tractor
    Operating The Foldable Rops
  16. Folding The Rops
  17. Raising The Rops To Upright Position
    three. Adjusting The Foldable Rops
    Starting The Tractor
    Stopping The Tractor
    Check During Driving
  18. Cases To Stop The Engine Immediately
  19. Check Items During Driving
    2.1 Easy Checker
    2.2 Fuel Gauge
    2.three Coolant Temperature Gauge
    2.four Dealing With The Overheated Coolant Temperature
    2.five Hour Meter
    2.6 Tachometer
    Parking The Tractor
    Techniques For Operating The Tractor
  20. Differential Lock
  21. Precautions For Operating The Tractor On A Road
    three. Precautions For Operating The Tractor On A Slopes And Rough Terrain
    four. Precautions For Transporting The Tractor Safely
    five. Directions For Use Of The Power Steering
    Pto (Power Take-Off)
    Pto Operation
  22. Pto Select Lever
  23. Pto Clutch Lever
    three. Pto Shaft Cover And Pto Shaft Cap
    four. Using Stationary Pto
    five. Pto Drive Shaft
    five.1 Adjusting The Length Of Pto Drive Shaft
    three-Point Hitch And Drawbar
    Overview Of three-Point Hitch And Drawbar
    three-Point Hitch
  24. Precautions For Attaching And Detaching The Implements To The three-Point Hitch
  25. Adjusting The Lifting Rod (Right)
    three. Adjusting The Top Link
    four. Adjusting The Check Chains
    Hydraulic Unit
    three-Point Hitch Control System
  26. Hydraulic Control
  27. Lowering Speed Of three-Point Hitch
    Auxiliary Hydraulics
  28. Hydraulic Outlet
    Mower Lift Linkage System
  29. Cutting Height Control Dial
  30. Hydraulic Control Unit Use Reference Chart
    Auxiliary Hydraulic Control Valve (If Equipped)
  31. Valve Lock
  32. Auxiliary Hydraulic Ports
    three. Connecting The Auxiliary Hydraulic Control Lever And Hydraulic Hose To The Auxiliary Hydraulic Port
    four. Controlling Loader (Only If Equipped With Loader)
    Tires, Wheels, And Ballast
  33. Inflation Pressure Of Tires
  34. Dual Tires
    Wheel Tread
  35. Front Wheels
  36. Rear Wheels
  37. Front Ballast
  38. Rear Ballast
    Service Intervals
    Lubricants, Fuel, And Coolant
  39. Biodiesel Fuel (Bdf)
    Periodic Service
    How To Open The Hood
    Daily Check.
  40. Walk Around Inspection
  41. Checking The Fuel Gauge And Refueling
    three. Checking The Engine Oil Level
    four. Checking The Transmission Fluid Level
    five. Checking The Coolant Level
  42. Cleaning The Panel And The Radiator Screen
  43. Checking The Brake Pedal
  44. Checking The Gauges, The Meters, And The Easy Checker
  45. Checking The Head Light, Hazard Light, And So On
  46. Checking The Seat Belt And The Rops
  47. Checking And Cleaning The Electrical Wiring And The Battery Cables
  48. Checking The Movable Parts
    Service Every 50 Hours
  49. Lubricate Fittings With Grease
  50. Checking The Engine Start System
    three. Checking The Opc (Operator Presence Control) System
    four. Checking The Wheel Bolt Torque
    five. Cleaning The Lock Lever Shaft
    Service Every one hundred Hours
  51. Checking Of The Battery
    1.1 Battery Charging
    1.2 Dealing With The Battery When Storing The Tractor For A Long Period
  52. Cleaning The Air Cleaner Element
    three. Checking The Fuel Filter
    four. Adjusting The Fan Belt Tension
    five. Adjusting The Hst Neutral Spring For Speed Control Pedal
  53. Adjusting The Brake Pedal
    Service Every 2 hundred Hours
  54. Replacing The Engine Oil Filter
  55. Changing The Engine Oil
    three. Replacing The Transmission Oil Filter
    four. Checking The Toe-In
    four.1 Adjusting The Toe-In
    Service Every four hundred Hours
  56. Adjusting The Front Axle Pivot
  57. Changing The Transmission Fluid
    three. Cleaning The Transmission Strainer
    four. Changing The Front Axle Case Oil
    five. Replacing The Fuel Filter Element
    Service Every 800 Hours
  58. Adjusting The Engine Valve Clearance
    Service Every one thousand Hours Or 1 Year
  59. Replacing Of The Air Cleaner Element
    Service Every 1500 Hours
  60. Checking The Injection Pressure Of The Fuel Injection Nozzle
    Service Every 2000 Hours Or 2 Year
  61. Flushing The Cooling System And Changing The Coolant
  62. Anti-Freeze
    Service Every 3000 Hours
  63. Checking The Injection Pump
    Service Every 1 Year
  64. Checking The Intake Air Line
  65. Checking The Radiator Hoses And The Hose Clamps
    three. Checking The Power Steering Line
    four. Checking The Fuel Lines
    five. Checking The Engine Breather Hose
    Service Every four Year
  66. Replacing The Radiator Hose (Water Pipes)
  67. Replacing The Fuel Hose
    three. Replacing The Power Steering Hose
    four. Replacing The Intake Air Line
    five. Replacing The Engine Breather Hose
    Service As Required
  68. Bleeding The Fuel System
  69. Replacing The Fuse
    three. Replacing The Light Bulb
    Storage Of The Tractor
    Storing The Tractor
    Removing The Tractor From Storage
    Engine Troubleshooting
    Option Items

Model Specification: Kubota Bx1880, Bx2380, Bx2680 Tractor
Language: English
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Kubota Bx1880 Bx2380 Bx2680 Tractor Operators Manual
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Kubota Bx1880 Bx2380 Bx2680 Tractor Operators Manual