Bomag BW 211 D3 Drum Roller Service Manual

Bomag BW 211 D3 Drum Roller Service Manual

Service Training Bomag

Reliable construction equipment is of greatest advantage for all parties involved:

• for the customer/user it is a basis for an exact calculation of utilization periods and the completion of projects as scheduled.

• in the rental business it means that the equipment can be reliably used and planned without having to stock a large number of stand-by machines.

• for the manufacturer it means that customers are satisfied provides him with a good image and gives him a feeling of confidence.

It is BOMAG’s philosophy to design and produce the machines with the highest possible reliability.

This aspect of simple and easy maintenance was one of the key issues when developing and designing.

Please draw the current P/N’s of the documents according to the serial number of the machine from the Doclist respectively Central Service page in the BOMAG-Intranet or Extranet (BOMAG Secured Area).

  1. Operating and maintenance instructions
  2. Spare parts catalog
  3. Electric circuit diagram
  4. Hydraulic diagram
  5. Repair instructions
  6. Service Information

Bomag BW 211 D3 Drum Roller Service Manual
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the machine:

• the location of components in the machine eases maintenance work,
• the high-quality standard of BOMAG is the basis for the considerable extension of the service and maintenance intervals.

• the After Sales Service of BOMAG, including excellent operating and maintenance instruction manuals, high-quality training courses, and on-site machine demonstrations helps the customer to maintain their machines in good condition over a long period of time.

Permanent training of BOMAG’s own service personnel as well as the service personnel of BOMAG.

Profit Centres and dealers are therefore a general prerequisite for BOMAG’s excellent worldwide service.

Bomag BW 211 D3 Drum Roller Service Manual

This program of permanent training is only possible with appropriate and up-to-date training material for trainers as well as persons attending the training courses.

This training manual has not only been written as a support for the professional work of the trainer, but also for the trainees attending these training courses.

The different levels of product training demand, that the training performed by BOMAG, its Profit Centres, or its dealers reflects the high quality of the training conducted at the Training Centre at BOMAG in Boppard. For this reason, we invested a lot of time in the preparation of these materials.

The structure of this training manual enables us to change or up-date individual chapters in case of alterations to the machine.